Ignorance is bliss

february 25, 2018

october 28, 2018

washington dc
october 22, 2018

Humbleness is tough to find and jealousy is imminent while we are participating in what for some people feels like a worldwide popularity contest.

new york
october 18, 2018

september 28, 2018

"We spend our days living between sunrises and sunsets doing the things that matter to us. The more we discover about the reality we live in, the more we realise that life does not have any meaning. This meaninglessness is not here to scare but rather to set us free. In the end everything that exists will fall apart and fade away, and every moment that has ever existed will be lost. But you are here now to witness the meaningless in all it's glory. You are here to fall in love with anything or anyone you care about and you have the ability to create moments with others. Have a beautiful day."

september 2, 2018

august 4, 2018


it's beautiful


it's necessary